January 2016 Edition #1

The month of January flew by and we accomplished much in World History.  Highlights include: the National Geography Bee in which students put their World Geography knowledge to the test, and the Greek Olympics.

Since the beginning of 2016, students have immersed themselves in everything Greek.  In a competition to be the greatest Polis in all of Hellas, we have debated, Kahooted, taken quizzes, drawn fate cards and even competed in the Greek Olympics.  Ask your child about the rise of democracy in Greece, the role of the Assembly, the birth of Theater, and how their architectural ingenuity still impacts the world today.  When your done with those questions, ask them to share with you which Polis (City State) they would have rather lived in, Athens or Sparta?  You will be blown away with their responses as they have critically debated this issue in a Harkness style discussion (the first 6th grade class in Ensworth history to do so).

I can’t begin to tell you how proud them I have been in their transformation this year to really dig deeper into material and critically think about the issues such as role of government, economic impacts of trade and isolation, and how religion shapes the daily lives of people throughout the history of civilization.  Here are a few shots of them at work, dressed in their Chitons everyday.


A few snippets from the Greek Assembly!




The (Scott) Greek Olympics included competitions in:

  1. Standing Long Jump
  2. Jousting
  3. Planking
  4. Wrestling (Thumb Wars)
  5. Mind over Matter (Kahoot challenge)
  6. Discuss
  7. Shot Put
  8. Javelin
  9. Chariot Races
  10. Relays



Thanks for checking in this month.  Until, next time…as the Greeks said, “Chaire!” (Hurrah!)