The Final Edition of World History Blog 2015-2016

These past few weeks found students immersed in a tournament for the ages.  The May Madness Debate style tournament determining who had the greatest ancient civilization afforded students the opportunity to put all of their research/public speaking skills they’ve learned throughout the year on display.  Did it provide some anxiety, stress, late nights, anticipation, and even heartache?  YES.  Was there an overwhelming response after the last debate from the students that this was one of their favorite units of the year? YES! All this to say is at the end of the day, if I can hear students up and down the hall talking, arguing, debating about history, then I can sleep well this summer until we do it all again next year.


What a blessing it has been for me to have the opportunity to teach this amazing group of multi-talented students.  We have learned so much together. The journey has not always been easy…Is it supposed to be?  With that, I love Mr. Champion’s mantra of the power of “Yet” as this is such a powerful lesson for all of us no matter how old we are.  Embracing the idea that me might not have something “YET” is especially fitting for middle school students as they deal with so much change in their world.  6-02 and 6-03 students, thank you for allowing me to learn alongside you this year.  I am excited to see what your next chapter brings in the this journey.

Below are pictures and moments of debate from these last few weeks of our May Madness Unit–Finding the “Greatest Ancient Civilization!”


Civilizations put to the test to determine who was the greatest!


The Winning Coaches!

Greece has certainly left its imprint on Western Civilization!  Congratulations to Genevieve and Anna for their victorious effort throughout this tournament. Well deserved!




Peace and Love World History Class of 2015-2016. And remember “Don’t forget to be awesome!”

Edition #3 March/April 2016

As we head down the home stretch of the 2015-2016 school year, World History students continue to make history come to life.  The latest piece of mastery resulted in apprentices learning a trade/craft to become a Master during rise of towns at the end of Feudal Europe. Charged to create, package and sell their goods, the brief clips below demonstrate their creativity and mastery.  The booths this year brought the simulation to a whole new level.  I am always amazed by how they continue to raise the bar for themselves.  Check it out below!





In addition to prepping for the end of Feudal Europe, students learned about the role of the church, the Crusades and the mystery behind what caused the Black Plague.


To get a full sense of the feudal system, students have been reading Crispin, by Avi. A tale of a no-named serf who finds himself escaping a past he never knew…royalty.  This wonderful story does brings for vivid imagery of life during the Middle Ages of Europe.



Lastly, we are embarking on our final unit of the the year…

Welcome to the 2016 May Madness World History Tournament! There are a lot of great civilizations out there competing for the prize of “Greatest” but only one will win! Will it be the one you are coaching??

There are several parts to this assignment, but, just as teams that make it to the NCAA tournament must do, we will start with the pre-season work!  Looking forward to posting one last time come the end of May so you can all check out the amazing work students put into becoming prolific researchers, speakers and debaters.  


And we send you off with a special performance as Hadley Maxwell as he shows off his unique troubadour talent.