Edition #2 of 2016-2017 Wacky World of History with Mr. Scott (Sept. 15th-Oct. 15th)

This past month has sailed right passed us along the Tigris and Euphrates as we journeyed alongside the first civilizations in the World–Mesopotamia. The exciting “Empires” simulation saw students master the elements of a civilization, determine the impact early inventions had on creating lasting empires and created scenarios for problem-solving using acquired knowledge as well as logic and reason. Ultimately, the teams who gathered the most resources and completed the most tasks were able to conquer the Fertile Crescent!


Students completing tasks, gathering resources, & trading to earn civilization points!



More task completions & strategic moves to take over Mesopotamia to rule the “Empires” simulation!



Egypt: “The Gift of the Nile” was QFT prompt for out next unit.


After taking on the DBQ, students got to work to bring their experience with Egypt to life!


This is how we do class everyday! Love the enthusiasm for “Walking like an Egyptian!”


Until next month…don’t forget to be awesome!