2nd Quarter Blog Post: World History 2016

The second quarter flew by as we examined the “Gift of the Nile” and made our way east through India and finished with China.  We created some amazing history. Egyptians raced up the cataracts to earn Nile Points through presentations, quizzes, creations and more presentations. I have thoroughly enjoyed observing the improvement of verbal skills in both classes this year. As they become more and more comfortable “on stage” the history  we learn about becomes more real and less abstract. Thanks for learning alongside me and continuing to amaze with your creativity, problem solving and cooperative skills.


Egyptian Pharaohs and their legacy in action!


Students work hard to prepare for our Egyptian exhibit day.



After a brief stint in India, we moved east to cover a very long period of Chinese history. Each group was assigned a famous dynasty to learn more about their impact and legacy of a very proud country. Lastly, we finished with an amazing debate over whether or not building the Great Wall of China was worth the lives lost and money spent to complete.




Ultimately, we finished the quarter with a debate over the effectiveness of the Great Wall of China. While looking at it’s pride and heritage, students were challenged to examine primary and secondary documents to shape their arguments. They were not allowed to choose their side, but rather were assigned one in order to achieve the goals of a true debate (examining all angles, questioning, re-examining). What they were able to achieve made me very proud to be their teacher. I love getting to learn alongside them everyday!