Quarter 2 Highlights 2018

The second quarter flew by as we examined the “Gift of the Nile” and made our way east through India and finished with China. Lastly, students created some amazing history for our very first ever Museum Day exhibiting the Ancient Wonders of the World. Egyptians raced up cataracts to earn Nile Points through presentations, quizzes, creations, and more presentations. I have thoroughly enjoyed observing the improvement of verbal skills in both classes this year. As they become more and more comfortable “on stage” the history we learn about becomes more real and less abstract. Thanks for learning alongside me and continuing to amaze with your creativity, problem-solving and cooperative skills.



Egyptian Pharaohs and their legacy in action!



The first of what will surely be many…Ancient Wonders of the World Museum Day was a smash! Students researched ancient wonders of the world and created placards to accompany a visual display. Next, students brainstormed ideas and formed a plan to bring their exhibits to life. I couldn’t be more proud of their efforts to make this first Ancient Wonders Museum Day so memorable. To complete this project, students fulfilled all of Ensworth’s core skills and mission statement goals and brought value to the community through an engaging display of the ancient wonders of the world. Enjoy!